Working with AT Protocol

The AT Protocol is meant to offer a prgrammable platform for social media. For example, a key proposition is to enable the individual to control the algorithm of what is being presented. Of course, there is no single algorithm. There can be many. These algorithms require programming. And programming benefits from dedicated environments.

gt4atproto is such a dedicated environment built on top of Glamorous Toolkit.

It covers several things at different levels of abstraction such as:

Creating posts and threads from inside the knowledge management system.

Working with a server through AT Protocol.

Streaming and pagination support out of the box.

Inspecting and visualizing results.

Code generation from lexicons to Smalltalk code.

Dedicated styling and completion support for editing lexicon JSON files.

Each of these is an interesting case study in itself, but the more interesting story is how we can accommodate all of these in a single coherent environment.

To explore it, load the code with:

Metacello new
	repository: 'github://feenkcom/gt4atproto:main/src';
	baseline: 'Gt4AtProto';
#BaselineOfGt4AtProto asClass loadLepiter

This loads also a Lepiter knowledge base. Once loaded start at:About Glamorous Toolkit for AT Protocol