Issues related to patches to the base image

This page analyses the content of the page Patches/changes to the base Pharo Image and extracts from it issues from the base image related to Glamorous Toolkit.

As those issues are addressed, we can remove the underlying change from Glamorous Toolkit.

The list above is calculated using GtIssuesRelatedPharoIssuesMetrics Object subclass: #GtIssuesRelatedPharoIssuesMetrics instanceVariableNames: 'relatedIssues' classVariableNames: '' package: 'GToolkit-Utility-ExtensionMethodsAnalysis' . It can be manually accesses using the following snippet:

GtIssuesRelatedPharoIssuesMetrics relatedIssues.

The list is also cached to avoid calls to the GitHub API. The following snippet resets this cache.

GtIssuesRelatedPharoIssuesMetrics cleanUp