Glamorous Toolkit as a case study

Glamorous Toolkit itself is an extensive case study of Moldable Development.

For example, in the current image, there are thousands of extensions to the environment. These extensions vary from inspector extensions for different objects to search specifications. They can be small, like an Inspector extension. Or they can be more elaborate, like a Lepiter snippet. They all contextualize the environment in some form.

These extensions were created during development and were born out of engineering needs. The specific extensions can be interesting, but even more interesting is the process through which we created them.

It should also be said that these are only the extensions that ended up being reusable. For example, we often create views over objects that we only use once and do not reuse beyond that. This is possible because these views can be constructed inexpensively in our environment. Because it is so cheap to experiment with them, we do not have to ask whether it is meaningful to create a tool. We create it by default, and this changes how we experience the system.