How to parse Loader and Cloner logs

For loading Glamorous Toolkit we use a dedicated loader, GtRlProjectsLoader Object subclass: #GtRlProjectsLoader instanceVariableNames: 'loggersById' classVariableNames: '' package: 'GToolkit-Releaser-Loader-Core' .

This loader creates log entires that we can parse back to understand what happened during loading.

The snippets below assume the log is copied to the clipboard.

loadingLog := Clipboard  clipboardText asString
GtRlLoadedConsolidatedBaselineEvent fromContents:  loadingLog

Cloner and Loader Logs

The loader does two separate actions:

- first it clones all repositories and after

- it loads the actual code.

Each of these two steps has separate logs. We can also parse and analyse these logs independently.

baselineCloneEvent := GtRlClonerBaselineEvent fromContents:  loadingLog.
loaderActionEvents := GtRlLoaderEventsGroup fromContents:  loadingLog.

We can combine these two logs to get the full analysis.

consolidatedEvent := GtRlLoadedConsolidatedBaselineEvent new
	initializeFrom: baselineCloneEvent.
consolidatedEvent addLoaderEvents: loaderActionEvents.