Managing forked projects in GT

19 projects loaded in GT are forks. This page provides a tool that shows if the forked projects are up to date with the original projects.

To determine if a project is forked and up to date we use the GitHub API. For anonymous requests the GitHub API has a reduced request limit.

To increase the rate limit one can provide a GitHub authentication token.

IceCredentialStore current 
	storeCredential: (IcePlaintextCredentials new
		host: '';
		username: '';
		password: Clipboard clipboardText asString)

To see the current credentials you can inspect the credential store.

IceCredentialStore current

The view below shows the status of the forked repositories.

To determine is a forked project needs to be updated, we compare the current loaded branch with the default branch in the parent repository. These branches do not need to have the same name. We assume that the loaded branch should track the default branch in the parent.

The tool uses a cache for storing information from GitHub.

GtGhGToolkitProject default.

The cache can be reset using the snippet below.

GtGhGToolkitProject resetDefault.