How to scale the UI

Glamorous Toolkit respects the OS settings when it comes to the window scale factor on HiDPI screens.

For example in OSX, if the resolution is set to "scaled which looks like 1680 × 1050" and the physical resolution of the screen is actually 2880 × 1800. The scale factor of the UI is computed to be 2.0 which is reported to Glamorous Toolkit by the windowing library Winit.

It is possible, however, to specify the extra zoom factor which is when multiplied with the window scale factor gives the final UI scale factor.

For example, executing the following script will scale up all Glamorous Toolkit windows by 1.5:

BlGlutinHostSpace zoomFactor: 1.3

Similarly, to scale down, use a smaller than 1 factor like:

BlGlutinHostSpace zoomFactor: 0.8

Of course, the default value is set to 1.0:

BlGlutinHostSpace zoomFactor: 1.0

You can also increase the font size in the whole GT world as follows:

	spaceWithId: GtWorld defaultId
	do: [ :theWorld | theWorld root properties fontSizeEm: 1.05 ]

This increases the font size in the whole world by x 1.05.