How to close all open debugger windows

First, we identify the windows that contain a debugger. We do this by finding the spaces that have a GtMoldableDebugger BlElement subclass: #GtMoldableDebugger uses: TGtPhlowToolDetailAdjustable instanceVariableNames: 'debuggerElement debuggerContainer buttonsContainer isSwitchingEnabled' classVariableNames: 'AlwaysOpenFullDebugger ErrorRecursion LogDebuggerStackToFile LogFileName' package: 'GToolkit-Debugger-Elements' somewhere in their rendering tree:

debuggerSpaces := BlSpace allInstances
		select: [ :each | (each root query // GtMoldableDebugger) isNotEmpty ].

Once we have those spaces, we can simply close them:

debuggerSpaces do: [ :each | each close ]