Analyzing feature toggles from a Python project: the Open edX case study

Typical examples of software analyses focus on programming languages. While that is certainly useful, the interesting problems are always contextual. In this example, we take a look at reasoning about feature toggles in a Python project.

Custom problems require custom solutions, which happens to be the very core idea of Moldable Development. In our case, the specific code can be loaded from GitHub (first, please go through the instructions from How to work with GitHub ):

Metacello new
	repository: 'github://feenkcom/gt4edx:main/src';
	baseline: 'GToolkit4Edx';
#BaselineOfGToolkit4Edx asClass loadLepiter

The repository contains a Lepiter knowledge base. Once you have loaded the code and the Lepiter knowledge base associated with it, please follow the instructions from there: About the gt4edx knowledge base.