Directly loading gt4gemstone into a Rowan stone for development

This page details how to install gt4gemstone into a Rown stone for development. This assumes GemStone was installed into the current image directory using Directly installing GemStone and loading gt4gemstone for development.

The following console commands copy the replace the current extent with the Rowan-based extent. You should stop the running stone before doing this.

cp $GEMSTONE/data/extent0.dbf $GEMSTONE/data/extent0-backup.dbf
cp $GEMSTONE/bin/extent0.rowan.dbf $GEMSTONE/data/extent0.dbf
chmod u+w $GEMSTONE/data/extent0.dbf

After the extent is copied, we load the code using Rowan.

You need to to start the stone before doing this.

startnetldi -g

startstone gs64stone