How to configure GitHub token authentication

Instead of an SSH key you can use a Personal Access Token to connect to GitHub.

For this you first need to create a personal access token in your GitHub account. You can follow the instructions from the page Creating a personal access token .

NB: Note that the access token will be stored in plain text in the directory where Glamorous Toolkit is installed.

Once you have the access token you can edit and execute the following snippet:

| credentials store |
credentials := IceTokenCredentials new
	host:  #'';
	username: 'githubusername'; "Replace the value with your username"
	token: 'ghp_yourtokenhere'; "Replace the value with your token"
	"You can also use 'Clipboard clipboardText asString' to get it from the clipboard"
store := IceCredentialStore current.
store storeCredential: credentials forHostname: credentials host.

This needs to be configured for every new Glamorous Toolkit release. To avoid this by persisting credentials look at How to make GitHub credentials persistent.

You can also inspect the current store to check that credentials were added:

IceCredentialStore current