How to load Glamorous Toolkit code for development

After all repositories are cloned locally and the baseline specifying dependencies are loaded within the image, we can use GtRlProjectsLoader Object subclass: #GtRlProjectsLoader instanceVariableNames: 'loggersById' classVariableNames: '' package: 'GToolkit-Releaser-Loader-Core' to load the code.

We can direcly perform the loading using the following snippets

projectLoader := GtRlProjectsLoader new
projectLoader registerMemoryLogger
	loadBaselineClass: BaselineOfGToolkit fullBaselineProject
	fromRepository: BaselineOfGToolkit gtoolkitRepositorySpec

Alternatively one can perform the loading steps separately by first creating a project and then a worklow. This makes it possible to explicitly see the list of actions executed by the loader

rootProject := BaselineOfGToolkit fullBaselineProject
	gtRlProjectWithRepository: BaselineOfGToolkit gtoolkitRepositorySpec.
structureBuilder := GtRlLoadDirectiveStructureBuilder new.
loadDirective := structureBuilder 
	buildLoadDirectiveForProject: rootProject.
loadWorkflow := GtRlProjectsLoadWorkflow new
	rootLoadDirective: loadDirective.
loadWorkflow executeLoadActions.