How to use gt-installer

The build process of the Glamorous Toolkit can be split into two phases: build and setup. Each of these steps has multiple parameters for a fine grained parametrisation. A good control over the process is nice, however it may become cumbersome when it comes to the basic use-cases. Therefore gt-installer also provides extra helper commands that combine the build and setup to make the installation process easier.

Image seed

Glamorous Toolkit is built on top of Pharoand an image which is used as the base is called a seed. There are multiple types of seeds: file, url and zip. When building Glamorous Toolkit on tope of a file seed, the code will be loaded in the specified image without copying it.

Version to load

gt-installer allows developers to specify which version of the Glamorous Toolkit to load. It can be specified by providing an optional --version argument. The --version accepts the following values: - bleeding-edge (default) to load the code from the truck main branch. - latest-release to load the latest released version - vX.Y.Z to load a specific symbolic released version

Release build

Creates a release build of Glamorous Toolkit with GtWorld openDefault and sets up the image which can be deployed. This is intended to be used by the Continuous Integration server.

./gt-installer release-build

Release builds of the Glamorous Toolkit are designed to be portable and deployable. It means that the original source code from which it was built is detached and may not be distributed. However, there are numerous files such as fonts or documentation that must be deployed together with the image to ensure the functioning environment. Such files are automatically copied into the gt-extra folder during the setup phase. The gt-extra folder should be placed in the same folder as the .image

How to load the latest released version of GT

./gt-installer release-build --version latest-release

How to load the a specific version of GT

./gt-installer release-build --version v0.8.870

How to load a release distribution of GT into an existing image

./gt-installer release-build --image-file path/to/my.image

How to load a release distribution of GT into an image from a url

./gt-installer release-build --image-url "https://example/image.zp"

How to load a release distribution of GT without opening a GtWorld

./gt-installer release-build --no-gt-world

How to load a specific released version of the GToolkit VM

./gt-installer release-build --app-version v1.2.3

How to load a local version of the GToolkit VM

./gt-installer release-build --app-cli-binary/Users/Documents/

How to see all arguments

./gt-installer release-build --help