Layout constraints

Layout constraints contain properties that are used by the layouts to figure out the size and position of elements. Each BlElement Object subclass: #BlElement uses: TBlTransformable + TBlEventTarget + TBlDebug instanceVariableNames: 'spaceReference parent children bounds measuredBounds boundsCache eventDispatcher constraints layout transformation taskQueue errorHandler userData visuals flags' classVariableNames: '' package: 'Bloc-Basic' has common layout constraits that contain properties common to all layouts.

BlElement>>#constraints constraints "Return layout constraints object which is used by the layout strategy. constraints can not be nil. @see BlElement>>#constraintsDo: for more convenient method to update constraints, as it requests layout update." <return: #BlLayoutConstraints> ^ constraints allows users to get a reference to the constraints of an element:

BlElement new constraints

The following snippet shows how to create a new instance of the common constraints.

BlLayoutCommonConstraints new