PharoLink snippet

The PharoLink snippet allows you to write, execute and inspect Pharo code in a remote image. On Mac and Linux the remote image can be managed automatically, on Windows the image must be started manually.

The PharoLink snippet uses the PharoLink library to communicate with a Gt / Pharo server via HTTP over TCP/IP.

Variables defined in other code snippets, e.g. Pharo, Python and JavaScript, that can be JSON encoded will be shared between snippets within a page.

Currently the global instance of PharoLinkApplication LanguageLinkApplication subclass: #PharoLinkApplication instanceVariableNames: '' classVariableNames: '' package: 'PharoLink-Global' is always used.



The location of the server executable and image may be configured with:

"Set the PharoLink server executable and image"
thisSnippet database properties pharoLinkSettings
	serverExecutable: '/home/user/pharo8/pharo';
	serverImage: '/home/user/pharo8/Pharo.image'.
"Force the new configuration to be loaded"
PharoLinkApplication stop.