How to profile PharoLink remote calls

Using PharoLink we can make calls to remote objects. This page shows how to profile those calls.

LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector GtBeaconEventsCollector subclass: #LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector instanceVariableNames: '' classVariableNames: '' package: 'PharoLink-Logging' provides a way to monitor remote calls and get details about their duration and receiver. The simplest way is to use the default instance of the collector.

LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector start.
LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector stop.
LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector reset.
LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector defaultInstance

Aternatively we can create a new collector instance.

eventsCollector := LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector  new
eventsCollector start
eventsCollector stop

In case multiple instance of the collector are registered, the snippet below will stop them and also remove all content.

LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector allInstances do: #stop
LanguageLinkSendCommandEventsCollector allInstances do: #reset