How to work with GitHub

This section details how to get started using GitHub from Glamorous Toolkit.

There are several entry points, based on your local setup:

Start with How to configure Git username and email address if you do not have git installed locally on your machine, or you have it installed but never used it to clone a repository.

Start with How to configure GitHub credentials when you are already using git locally, but did not configure it to access GitHub. You need to configure credentials in case you want to clone private repositories, or push comits to any GitHub repository. You do not need to configure credentials for cloning public repositories.

Start with How to set up a new GitHub repo if you have GitHub access configured and want to create with a new project. How to set up a GT GitHub repo in 7' also provides a short video on how to setup a new project.

Once credentials are set, we can load the actual code for a project via a script that loads a Metacello baseline. For example, try loading:

Metacello new
	baseline: 'Faker';
	repository: 'github://feenkcom/faker/src';

This will load the baseline and the code from the repository and will make it available in the image.

Once you have a Git repository, you can further use the Git interface.