Moldable Development exercises

About the exercises

These exercises are designed to help you learn about various aspects of Moldable Development. They should be suitable for workshops, pair programming, or self learning. The exercises are open-ended, consisting of a starting point, various tasks to perform intially, and then suggestions for further directions to pursue.

The exercises assume you have some familiarity with Smalltalk and GT. If not, you should first Get started.

For each of these exercises, you should create a project page in your personal Lepiter database so you can track your progress.

To keep your work, you can just do the exercises inside a single image and periodically save it. Better yet, you can keep all your work in a single package, and periodically file it out. The code can then be later filed back into a fresh image using the File System tool.

Best, however, is to save your work in a git repo. In this case, however, be sure to first read and understand How to work with GitHub.

The exercises

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