How to install Glamorous Toolkit

Pre-built distribution

The easiest way to install Glamorous Toolkit is to download a pre-built distribution for a target Operating System from

Building from sources for local development

Glamorous Toolkit is developed using Trunk Based Development. The root gtoolkit repository is hosted on with the main trunk branch called main and release branch called release. Developers of Glamorous Toolkit don't commit to the release branch, instead they directly stream small commits into the trunk (main). Therefore, to develop Glamorous Toolkit team members build it from the latest sources, or as they call it - the bleeding edge.


To orchestrate the build process and make it crossplatform, they use a small tool written in rust called gt-installer. See How to use gt-installer for a detailed command reference.

The easiest way to create a local build ready for development would be to execute the following command:

./gt-installer local-build

The above mentioned command provides developers with the exact commands to execute to start Glamorous Toolkit from the terminal.