Ensuring repositories have a Jenkins file

As the code for Glamorous Toolkit is split across multiple repositories, changes in any of those repositories should trigger a Glamorous Toolkit build.

The mail Glamorous Toolkit build is in the gtoolkit repository and is done using Jenkins. To trigger a build other repositories should incude a Jenkins file that trigger the main build.

To enure that this is the case GtGitRepositoryWithoutJenkinsFile GtLeafConstraint subclass: #GtGitRepositoryWithoutJenkinsFile instanceVariableNames: '' classVariableNames: '' package: 'GToolkit-Constraints' is a constraint that checks the presence of a Jenkins file in relevant repositories.

We do not run this constraint automatically on the CI as it cannot be run normally as other constraints, given that it currently needs the repositories to be cloned locally. Because of this it only works in images created locally.

GtGitRepositoryWithoutJenkinsFile new

The list with all repositories that do not respect this constraint is shown below. Normally this list should be empty.