Glamorous Toolkit

Glamorous Toolkit (GT) is the Moldable Development Environment. It empowers you to make systems explainable through experiences tailored for each problem. Glamorous Toolkit makes this possible by making the creation of custom tools inexpensive and seamless.

Ok, but what can you do with it?

You can build many tools. And we mean many. Glamorous Toolkit itself comes with several thousand extensions. But here are a few things you might recognize:

you can browse and document an unknown API,

you can program with other languages like Python and extend the environment with Python code,

you can analyze software written in different languages,

you can explore a database,

you can build a whole dedicated environment.

Sounds crazy, we know. So, don't believe us. Just Get started to see it practice.

Get started

Moldable Development is a way of programming through custom tools. Take A tour of the environment at first, but Moldable Development is best learnt by doing. Start with a concrete problem you care about. Get more ideas here: Get started.

Why is Moldable Development important?

Figuring systems out is the single most expensive activity in software development. And most of it is spent reading. The development environment can do a much better job in helping developers make software explainable. The central idea is that tools must be moldable to the task at hand, and of course it must be inexpensive to adapt the tools. We call this Moldable Development.

Created by feenk under an MIT license

Glamorous Toolkit is developed by feenk, and was born out of a long term effort to make the inside of software systems explainable. It is available under an MIT license because we want you to experience Moldable Development as directly as possible.

Distinct environment

Glamorous Toolkit is built in Pharo, but the goal of GT is distinct from that of Pharo and so is its realization. Read more about Glamorous Toolkit and Pharo.

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