Programatically evaluating code in GemStone

Here we manually use the default GtGemStoneSession Object subclass: #GtGemStoneSession instanceVariableNames: 'registry session connection evaluator connector mutex sessionId transactionMode gt4gemstoneVersion connectionTime cacheName autoCommit codeSync keepAlive logEmitter' classVariableNames: '' package: 'GToolkit-GemStone-Pharo-Client' to evaluate code.

gemstoneSession := GtGemStoneSessionRegistry default sessionNamed: 'default'.
gemstoneSession ensureRunning.

We can evaluate some simple snippets.

gemstoneSession evaluateAndWait: 'System stoneName'
gemstoneSession evaluateAndWait: 'Dictionary new add: (1->2); yourself'
gemstoneSession evaluateAndWait: 'SessionTemps current'